17/04/20132012 Annual Report

In praise of audacity by Yves Saint Laurent

The year 2012 was a landmark year for Yves Saint Laurent. The European brand with a focus on make-up and fragrances has become a major global,...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

The Body Shop sets itself apart

2012 for The Body Shop: a springboard year that saw an acceleration in its transformation and growth, a result of strong strategic decisions:...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

Global brands attentive to local trends

For L'Oréal, universalising beauty does not mean making it global or uniform. The universalisation strategy is based on very detailed knowledge...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

The United States, a solid and dynamic market

In geographic terms, L’Oréal has once again built up its position in mature markets. Focus on the United States, a solid and dynamic market where L...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

Human Resources at the heart of beauty for all

To conquer the next billion consumers, it is crucial to identify, recruit and develop the most talented individuals, capable of managing worldwide...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

The presidents have their say

Putting the best of beauty within everyone’s reach is the mission L’Oréal is pursuing with its unique portfolio of brands across the major divisions...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

The new Vichy

Premium, Health and Beauty. Three pillars which symbolise the repositioning of the brand in 2012. Its new vitality is already paying off.

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

L’Oréal’s “Indo-vation”

L’Oréal is a young player in the Indian cosmetics market. Present today in 750,000 points of sale, the group recorded there a strong growth rate of...

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

Haircare revolution

The Consumer Products Division results in haircare have been particularly good this year with spectacular breakthroughs in some countries.

11/04/20132012 Annual Report

The Global Hair Research Centre at Saint-Ouen: At the cutting edge of hair expertise

In 2012, L’Oréal inaugurated its Global Hair Research Centre at Saint-Ouen, just outside Paris. Exclusively dedicated to hair, its role is to provide...